Let’s go have a chat with Pamela Barbieri

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Let’s go have a chat with Pamela Barbieri

Let’s go have a chat with Pamela Barbieri

Let’s go have a chat with Pamela Barbieri

Let’s go have a chat with Pamela Barbieri

Let’s go have a chat with Pamela Barbieri

Let’s go have a chat with Pamela Barbieri

Pamela is a freelance illustrator with more than 6 years of experience. Her work is mostly focused in the development of children drawings for magazines, books, greeting cards and clothes. When did you realize that the illustration was your profession?

Well, I know this might sound cliché but I have always loved to illustrate. I spent my childhood drawing and doodling almost everywhere. (Every single piece of paper was a good opportunity to put my crayons to work!) However, when it was time to choose a career I decided to study graphic design. (Oops!) Luckily for me, life is a roller coaster and I’m a full time children’s illustrator now!

Your visual language is very unique, what are the techniques and tools that you use when you draw?

Thanks! I usually use pencils for my sketches, but colors and textures are always done in Photoshop or/and Illustrator.

What are your points of reference in the world of illustration? Who inspires you?

Great illustrators are always an amazing point of reference. The super talented Marion Billet, Marc Boutavant and Tiago Americo are a must in my shelves. (I always pick up their books as a reference) Regarding inspiration… I strongly believe it can be found almost anywhere. But its best source are family, friends and trips.

The right recipe for an effective illustration.

Does it exist? I believe there are tons of recipes as inspiring illustrators out there. You have to find what suits you better!

The most helpful advice you received.

Do everything (not just work) with love and passion. You have to give your best in every single thing you do!

Follow Pamela Barbieri to her website.

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